Online Card Classes

Online Card Classes
Curated Creativity

Welcome to Curated Creativity!  This is where I share ideas that I have cooked up and we get to co-create.  There will be  some wonderful projects.  The class will build your stash and provide fun in a package. 

I have online card classes monthly.  The classes vary by type, cost, and complexity. 

  • ‘Product Based’ classes tend to be the most expensive, because there is an option to purchase a bundle with the class. 
  • Technique only classes are simpler and less expensive. 
  • Some are a combination of products and are more mid-priced. 

All are fun, different and the product package is always a great value.  I hope you will join me for one these fun creative experiences. 

Next Card Class COMING SOON! 

Check back frequently to see the new offerings. 

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