Do you remember “Hey Chick”.  Well it is coming back starting TODAY, February 2, 2021 and there are dies!  There is also a second stamp set and dies, no kidding!

While the Hey Birthday Chick Stamp set is in the January to June Catalog,  There are now the Original Stamp set and the new accompanying dies available from February 2, 2021 through the end of June. This set will be orderable as a bundle and as separate items.  Again these are orderable as of February 2nd.


Hey Chick Stamps, Dies and Bundle

The Hey Chick Bundle  #158627   $44

Hey Chick Stamp Set   #158190  $17

Chick Dies    #158199  $32



Hey Birthday Chick Stamps, Dies and Bundle

The Hey Birthday Chick Bundle  #158631   $43

Hey Birthday Chick Stamp Set   #158190  $21

Birthday Chick Dies    #158199  $27



I have ordered mine already.  One of the perks of being a demonstrator is that you often have an opportunity to order things ahead of time.  They are just as cute as I remember them I can hardly wait to start creating with these fun stamps again.  I love the dancing chicken in the new set.  

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