Well I finally got to meet my first Grandson, Henry this last week.  What a Joy!  I plan to be the Grandmother in charge of adventures!!  Here are a few pictures of my amazing family.

                          My first meeting with Henry   

             A trip to the Botanic Gardens    Then to the Zoo


                               The Proud Mom and Dad.  My youngest Son Steven and my lovely Daughter In Law Julia.

                                            With Grandma and Grandpa (my husband Barry)


                                       With Uncle Mike my oldest son. 

You would think Henry was mugging for the Camera on a few of these. I had the opportunity to take him to our beautiful Botanic Gardens, a good outdoor, safe outing.  The number of people in the Gardens are restricted and there are so many paths and wonderful things to experience.  It was a lovely time. My son and I also took him to the Zoo, I think that trip was more for us than for Henry, LOL.  He is a wonderful baby with a great disposition and he has a smile for everyone.  I am in heaven. 


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